Get additional safety features of the new Maruti Swift, Dzire and Vita Braja

Maruti Suzuki is presenting an additional security facility in its entire product portfolio in the country. Yes, India's largest passenger vehicle manufacturer is now offering Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) as an alternative helper for all models. Maruti dealers will be helpful on all the models sold by the company.

Maruti Suzuki's best selling cars like the new Swift, Dzire, and Brajza now have additional safety features in the form of the tire pressure monitoring system. The three best-selling models are also available with many personalization options under the iCreate optimization option.


A tire pressure monitoring system continually measures tire pressure of four wheels. TPMS warns the driver if the tire pressure is below the recommended number. There may be low tire pressure in the tire burst. A high-speed tire can cause a crash in the tire.
So, to be on board a tire pressure monitoring system is an important safety device. Now, Maruti Suzuki is offering tire pressure monitoring system as an office assistant and customers can increase the safety of the car. The price of TPMS is 12,9 9 rupees.


A tire pressure monitoring system consists of five sensors placed on each wheel, including an extra wheel. Each sensor measures the air pressure and relays the information to the driver via the display on the dashboard. The driver can always adjust the tire pressure according to driving conditions.
When the tire pressure is much higher than the recommended number and if you are driving highway at high speed, then you should take a break and cool the tire. Similarly, if the pressure of the tire is very low, then it will affect the operation of the car and you should inflate the tire to adjust the pressure.


Maruti Suzuki is known for its affordable cars in the Indian market and Indian buyers have minimal concern about safety features. But in recent days, Maruti Suzuki has started offering basic safety features as standard on its cars. Now, the Indian automaker is offering TPMS as an auxiliary.

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