History of Narendra Modi, which you do not know

History of Narendra Modi, which you do not know Birth

Narendra Modi was born on September 17, 1950, in Vadnagar village. His mother's name was Herben and father's name was Damodara Das, Bhai Modi. His father had six children, of which he was at number three. Modi is a backward caste and he is a community person. He used to complete his education in Vadnagar and sell tea with his father. In 1980, Narendra Modi graduated, Gujarat. Known universities were involved in RSS and entire political science.


When Narendra Modi was 17, Narendra Modi got married to Jasodaben Chaman Lal. The marriage of Narendra Modi has always been disputed. Some people say that their marriage was being held for some time but after some time they separated. But his life writer tells that Narendra Modi was not happy with the marriage, he was definitely married but he was never, Narendra Modi left his house immediately after marriage.
Enter politics 

When Narendra Modi was completing his education at the university, then only he was going to the National Self Service Association. His passion for the country began to grow Then he joined the Bhartiya Janta Party and due to his loyal performance, Chief Minister of Gujarat and Prime Minister of India.


In 2002, there were riots in Gujarat due to those killed in the Godhra riots, which killed 1180 people. Then Modi was examined whether Modi was criminal or not, but in this investigation, no concrete evidence was found against Modi.

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