Houseboat roaming through water in Udupi

In order to promote tourism prospects and venture into strong tourism activities, Udupi District Administration has started the novel concept of Houseboat on the lines of Kerala.
Anita Bhaskar, assistant director of the District Tourism Department, said that a houseboat cruise is a distinctly different experience which should not be missed. He told DH that there are opportunities for adequate tourism in the district because it offers nature's return to picturesque places. The department, which is working on several projects to promote tourism in the district, is currently planning to introduce a houseboat after the monsoon of the district. Anita said that currently three houseboats have been introduced in Panchajanya, Thirumala and Paradise Lagoons.

The decision taken after more homework promises to be an experience for the curious people on the houseboat. These boats have been anchored in Kodi Bangalore, in which there is a proper channel to ensure that it remains an incredible experience for those who rent it. There are opportunities to cruise boats with narrow canals and provide familiarity with the life of the village. Financial aspect work has been done and prices are charged on the basis of facilities offered in each cruise.

Food is also provided and food prices are different depending on customer's taste. During the monsoon, boats are strictly prohibited, Anita said. He said that more boats are encouraged to enter into business. There is also a plan to introduce a houseboat in Kudras, which are the local islands and are especially found in the areas of Udupi-Kundapur and Kandapur talukas. Panchajania' was started during the last fishing season and is one of the three who provides a foreign experience on the river's river. Thirumala has launched a few weeks ago and the cruise has not started the business yet. At present, the business is not so good because the election fever had hit this area.

There were mantras in the last few days. However, there are still days left to go for the monsoon, boat operators are worried about all possible business, Rajesh Kamath, who is a partner with 'Panchajanya', said. Parties can be arranged in the houseboat even during the night. For good travel, the level of water should be high and most rivers in the district have sufficient water flows. Anita said although problems may arise during the summer when the level of waterfalls. He said that there are two-holiday boats with three houseboats and after the monsoon, another houseboat operation is likely to start.

He said that many tourists are attracted by the attraction of living on a houseboat, which provides a unique experience of living on the water with all the facilities of the hotel's stay.

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