In India, the mob was killed to kill the cow

After accusing a cow of local media reports, a crowd in India had killed a man. The police say that the gang had set two people and was beaten in the early hours of Friday morning by a bamboo rod in a village near Satna in Madhya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh. One of the victims, 45-year-old, died during the attack, while at the age of 35, each other was seriously ill in the hospital.
Satna's Superintendent of Police Rajesh Hingarkar told PTI that four persons were arrested in connection with the murder.

He said that after the attack, it was believed that the victims were killed by a cow. Indian media reports have alleged that gangs were the cow-guardians, Hindu nationalists with right-wing, on which they had previously been accused of using violence to protect the sacred animals. Police said that an animal body was brought back from the scene of the attack, after which the survivor of the attack could face charges under the prohibition of cow slaughter of India. When he was the manager of Jabalpur's metro hospital Neeraj Sharma, where he was taken for treatment, told the Times of India, "He is revived but he is not in a position to give any statement."

Inspector General of Police Umesh Joga, who was killed in Rewa district, told the Indian media that more than 400 officers have been deployed in the area to maintain peace. The killing of cows in Madhya Pradesh is illegal, in which there is a jail sentence of three years and a penalty of 5,000 rupees (£ 55). This type of law is considered to be discriminated against by some Dalits - members of the lowest class in India's strict caste system - who are more likely to consume beef than high social status. In comparison to the Hindu majority, meat is eaten more commonly in Muslim and Christian minority communities of the country. Under the cow protection debate, Mob violence is a growing phenomenon in India, in which 30 people have died since 2010 and more than 100 others were injured.

In March, during the killing of a Muslim man, 11 people were sent to jail in jail, who were pulled from their car and had been killed in Jharkhand in June 2017 for allegedly beefing. To try to steal the cows, three Muslim men were written in West Bengal in June 2017, while the passengers were accused of eating beef, in that month four people were beaten in the train in the state of Haryana.

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