In the UPA era, BJP government slept as petrol, diesel prices are highest at all times

The government has said that the price of petrol and diesel in one of the prices of the UPA government is in Manmohan Singh.
In May 2012, the UPA government approved the highest increase in petrol prices across the country. The price of petrol in New Delhi reached Rs 73.18 per liter. On Sunday, petrol was available at petrol of Rs 76.24 in New Delhi and Rs 84.07 per liter in Mumbai. Caught in false impressions about the future, the government may be too dark for the impact of the basic inflation and the number of GDP

With an increase in global prices, while feeling economist, only excise duty can be reduced to the bounce. But the financial situation can not allow such generosity Financial status is also increasing, due to additional financial obligations, especially at the state level. These include the additional debt burden for agricultural debt exemption and running of central sponsored schemes. On Sunday 14th May, Oil PSU, after the start of the daily price revision after the election of Karnataka 19 days ago, was the seventh consecutive day of increase in prices.


Since the price of petrol has climbed to a new high level, the Mumbai is shouting in the social media, and so they used other metros in their counterparts compared to the fuel for a cough consumed. Economic Affairs Secretary Subhash Chandra Garg refused to say whether the government will cut excise duty on auto fuel to reduce the burden on consumers. The government has seen the situation of oil prices going up to $ 80 a barrel - the highest since November 2014, and the adequate steps will be taken, whether they have said without extension. When pressed for a response, "Just Watch," was its secret comment.

A reasonable part of the defect for high excise duty is located at the center door. Dies to the fall in global oil prices, the BJP government has increased the nine times the excise duty - against the Rs 11.77 per liter on petrol and diesel at 13.47% - global oil prices fall in November 2014 and January 2016, but last year tax cut in October up to Rs 2 per liter.

It is not that the center can not absorb high costs Karnataka was in election mode, while oil prices were cold, even though international crude oil prices were over Result: In the freeze of approximately 19 days, oil PSU estimates that the rise in international oil rates and the loss of rupee against the US dollar has led to the loss of Rs 500 crore due to the high-cost absorption. Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan, however, assured the citizens that the government will soon get a solution

Speaking to the media, Pradhan said, "I admit that the citizens of India, especially the middle class, has had a lot due to the increase in oil prices, it is not in our hands. the government will come out with a solution. "

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