Megan Marley broke these traditions on these Queen Wedding, like a queen

The marriage of Meghan Marley and Prince Harry was probably the most anticipated because their relationship was revealed to themselves. The biggest confirmation of them was serious when Harry had taken Markley in May last year at the wedding of his daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton's sister Pippa Middleton. Although he did not attend the actual function, he was present at the reception during the evening.

Of course, a lot of dramas were made by the media, whether or not the queen would allow marriage, Marley is considered divorced and non-white.

But thankfully, everything went silent, and on May 19, a beautiful Saturday, Prince Harry, and Meghan Marque married Windsor Castle and got married to many fans.
Along with a guest list of about 600 people, 30 Royals and millions of global television viewers, this marriage was actually married for the year.

There was a lot of attention from dress to venue, between guests and everything else, but one more thing seen by many people was how different the ceremony was earlier than any royal wedding.
After announcing his engagement with Prince Harry, Meghan Marley is breaking the traditions and even his marriage has separated from many royal traditions:

1. Do not believe

Together with her goddess in-laws Princess Diana and sister-in-law Kate Middleton, Meghan Marley also did not use the commands in his promises.
Diana was one of the first to come out of her pledge at a major royal ceremony, Kate followed it during her marriage in 2011 and Marley broke the old man with an old and more modern tradition.

Even Prince Harry pursued his bride and decided to wear the wedding ring, broke the two traditions at once. His brother Prince William and father Prince Charles do not wear wedding bands.
And the other is traditional for the royal family, as well as having a platinum band instead of Welsh gold.

2. Meagan's divorced status accepted

Normally, wedding invitations for royal weddings will now be addressed by the bride, reflecting her single status as Miss.

But the invitation for marriage to Meghan Marley and Prince Harry addressed him as MS, who used to tell about his divorced status and thus, it was his second marriage. Obviously, this is a big break from tradition.

3. Meghna went down to herself

While Prince Charles moved to Marcel through the last few steps of the corridor, the bride herself left a large part of the corridor.

Marley's father, suffering from a heart attack just before marriage, made it impossible to attend the ceremony, thus breaking the tradition of the bride's long tradition.
And yet, Prince Charles did not take it away, he just took him under the aisle, while Meghan took the last few steps to his groom.

4. Cake and hair

Some other departures from the traditions were the elderly cake of lemon with this wedding cake. Generally, according to the royal tradition, wedding cake of royal weddings consists of the variety of fruitcake.

The new and modern taste of this cake not only breaks away from the royal model but also represents the spirit of spring, the royal couple wanted something.
Along with this, Marley chose a different style for her wedding hair by placing her hair in a low, soft weave rather than loosening the flow of her hair.

5. The novel distributed by an African-American bishop

We can not say exactly that all of the British royal weddings are the most diverse, but this time for the first time a preacher was given by the African-American bishop, The Reverend Michael Curry.
Bishop and Primate of the Episcopal Church gave emotional teaching and quoted Dr. Martin Luther King as saying, "We love the power of love, the ransom power of love, and when we do this, we will get this old world a new world."

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